Property and the notary – a natural combination when buying a house. The notary arranges the ownership documents. And if the buyer borrows money from the bank, the bank will need security which takes the form of a mortgage. The bank acquires this security interest through the notarial deed.

Parents are lending or giving money to their children to buy a home more and more often. Here too, Caminada Notarissen plays a role. We advise the family about the different civil and fiscal implications of a loan, and write up the terms of the loan.

Caminada Notarissen has been the notary of choice for many new property developments. We have accumulated much experience over the years in providing notarial services during the development, from start to finish. We have also gained much experience in dividing properties among housing associations. Our advice includes turnover tax and conveyance tax.

Caminada Notarissen handles the division of apartment ownership, publishing of leasehold, property auctions, establishing right of servitude, building and planting rights, the analysis of complex situations and provides its clients with practical solutions.

Alex Blomaard is a member of the ‘Vereniging van Notariële Registergoed Specialisten’.