Company law

Caminada Notarissen has a large company law practice. We are partner to tax consultants, accountants, lawyers and investors. We work internationally too.

What is company law?

Company law encompasses so many issues that for the sake of clarity we will list only a few general issues. It includes: establishing joint stock companies and limited liability companies; changing statutes; delivery, dividends and certification of shares; incorporation from sole trader to limited company; establishing associations, foundations and associations; changing statutes; dissolution and liquidation of legal entities; making and changing general partnership contracts; arranging mergers and divisions; company succession. In short, Caminada Notarissen handles anything to do with companies, legal entities and partnerships. John Roozeboom and Edith Voskamp are members of the ‘Vereniging van Notarieel Ondernemingsrecht Specialisten’. Stef Piersma heeft de Grotius specialisatieopleiding ondernemingsrecht recent afgerond.

One of Caminada Notarissen’s particular specialties in company law is associations.