Family law

There are many family events that may bring you to a notary. Caminada Notarissen provides essential advisory services for these events.

Living together

One of these life events is taking the step to live together in a long term relationship. Couples come to us for a cohabitation agreement in which the fiscal partnership and pension rights are set out, along with what will happen in the event of the death of one partner. Drawing up wills is part of this.


Entering into a marriage or registered partnership brings with it the sharing of both parties’ assets by law under the terms of in community of property. A notarial deed allows the parties to determine if and how this community of property takes place. The deed can be drawn up for couples who are already married or who are already in a registered partnership but wish to change their property ownership. .


Should a child be born, a visit to the notary will establish guardianship. You can also make a will so that you leave your children and your partner well taken care of.

We provide advice to parents wanting to extend financial support to their children. Not only do we advise on civil law and inheritance implications, but also advise on fiscal aspects. Should it be a gift, or a gift on paper? Perhaps it should be a loan for a house? Should I give that loan myself or through my company?

Wealth planning

We then enter the field of estate planning, or asset management. How can I make sure that my assets pass to the next generation in a fiscally prudent way?

Estate planning is one of Caminada Notarissen’s specialties. Edith Voskamp and Astrid van Steenderen are members of the EPN (the association of Estate Planners in the Notary profession).


Another speciality in the field of family law is the completion of complex inheritances. Complex either because of legal complications, or complex because the beneficiaries either do not get on or distrust each other. In these situations, it is most helpful if Caminada Notarissen takes the lead and ensures that the estate is executed to everyone’s satisfaction.

The division of certain properties after the end of a relationship, marriage or registered partnership such as the home or shares in a limited company, are also part of a notary’s area of work. Fiscal implications mean that it can be important to arrange the division reasonably quickly. Caminada Notarissen can advise on this.