Caminada Notarissen is a specialist in the field of cooperative law. From the time that the then new associations law came into force in 1976, C.E.M. van Steenderen (co-author of “Het nieuwe verenigingsrecht” [the new law for associations]), at the time a notary at Caminada Notarissen, was instrumental in advising several associations. Given that the law for associations is largely applicable to cooperatives, the advice given was used more and more for cooperatives, often in collaboration with specialised tax advisors.

This led to a flourishing cooperative practice in which Caminada Notarissen is advisor to cooperatives throughout the Netherlands.

Alex Blomaard has worked in cooperative law since 1991. His cases include traditional agricultural cooperatives that work in the field of agricultural products such as flowers, vegetables, potatoes, dairy and animal feed. Over the last few years there has been a trend to establish cooperatives in other areas such as health care and the financial world. Similarly, cooperatives are increasingly being used as an alternative for joint stock companies or limited liability companies. Cooperatives have far more freedom and flexibility in the use of their profits than joint stock companies or limited liability companies. Financing cooperatives also has other opportunities and special features that cover areas such as loan capital – from traditional sources such as loans from members to bonds/shares – as well as private capital, from reserves to shares.

With more than 25 years of experience in providing expert advice in this specialist area of entrepreneurship and associations, Caminada Notarissen supplies tailor-made solutions on statutes. It can also guide cooperatives through the maze of transactions such as mergers, divisions, take-overs and real estate development.