mr drs Astrid van Steenderen notary vestiging Rijswijk


mr Alex Blomaard
mr Michiel Kouwenhoven
mr John Roozeboom
mr drs Astrid van Steenderen
mr Edith Voskamp

Candidate notary

mr Nikki Geers
mr Kim Heijne
mr Saskia Meijer
mr Stef Piersma
mr Jan Poortema
mr Hans Scholtens
mr Lennart van der Velde

Notary clerk

Nicolette Alewijn-Weijers
Wietske Santbergen-Hoeksema

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A good will needs care, specialist knowledge and often a touch of creativity. Creativity is also useful when thinking about the inheritance law, particularly if the heirs are not in agreement or if an executor is required. I can explain the ins and outs of writing a will very clearly so that you know what to expect.


Astrid van Steenderen